Signing Send-In Guidelines


You must package your item(s) very securely. If you send a poster tube, please ensure it's not going to be easily beat up in the mail. Invest in a thicker tube, rather than a thin one which will bend/ easily when sending. You can find sturdy tubes at any art supply store or your favorite office supply place.

We STRONGLY recommends sending your item(s) to us using some form of tracking, like Canada Post, USPS Priority Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL shipping, etc. This provides everyone protection that an item has been sent and received. NOTE USA Send In Orders via USPS ONLY, all other forms will be refused and returned unsigned.

US customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees

Pro Am Sports will ship all items back to you via Purolator or Canada Post (at our discretion) within Canada, and USPS to USA.

Insurance on the return shipping will be provided by Pro Am Sports. Please contact us in advance if you have an item(s) you feel require extra insurance.

There does exist the possibility that items may get some wear during the private signing, including but not limited to, small creases or "dings" from being handled, the edges of posters may get wrinkled (this is common with ANY posters which get mailed) and any other wear that can be expected with a private signing. Nothing "major" is expected to happen, but you must agree and be aware of things that may happen from us handling the item(s).

Pro Am Sports will make sure that your item is re-packed securely. However, we will NOT assume any responsibility for ANY damage done by whichever shipping method is used, both coming to Pro Am Sports and being returned to you. We also STRONGLY recommend that you purchase insurance it is available for a nominal extra charge. Please contact us with questions or clarifications.

Pro Am Sports reserves the right to refuse any items we deem inappropriate. Personalized messages cannot pertain to the athlete's career. Messages should be short and simple (i.e.: Congratulations, Your Friend, Best Wishes, Happy Birthday, etc.). If you have a question about a particular item, please contact Pro Am Sports first.

The athlete has every right of refusal to sign any item.

You agree to hold harmless Pro Am Sports in the event of lost or damaged items related to this private signing. Pro Am Sports is only responsible for the amount which your item has been insured and paid for.

By submitting your order, you agree that any items sent to Pro Am Sports are subject to the above guidelines. Again, by submitting your order, you certify that you agree to our terms.