Signings FAQ

What is a signing?

At Pro Am Sports, we conduct autograph signings with athletes from many sports. We offer stock items for purchase as well as the opportunity for you to bring in your own items to get signed! Each item is physically handsigned by the respective athlete.

What is the difference between Private and Public signings?

When we announce our signings, they are classified as either public or private. A public signing is open to customers to come in to the Pro Am Sports Fan Cave and meet the athlete. Public signings also offer customers a chance for a photo and to have their item signed in front of them. A private signing takes place after hours and guests are not permitted to attend these signings.

Can I bring my own item?

Most times, yes! Once of the benefits of Pro Am Sports signings is that most of our signings are completed locally. We are able to accept customer items for a truly customized experience. Please note that ultimately the athletes have every right to refuse signing a specific item.

What is a personalization?

A personalization includes a name and sometimes a greeting on the item when the athlete is signing it. Examples include: "Joe, Best Wishes" "Happy Birthday Joe!" "Good Luck, Joe!"

The price for personalizations varies based on the athlete.

What is an inscription?

An inscription consists of a message that revolves around the athlete's career, or an in-game event. If a message is not personalized (i.e. "To Joe"), it will be considered an inscription. Examples include "1st NHL Goal 03/25/18" "2016 Heritage Classic" "2017 Playoffs" "500 Goals".

The price for inscriptions varies based on the athlete.

Why don't jerseys have a pick up date

Based on production times and the timing of signings, it is industry standard to sometimes sign loose numbers and then complete the sewing process after the signing has taken place. We do our best to ensure items will be ready as quickly as possible for you after the signing.

How will I know my item is ready for pick up?

Once the signing is completed and all quality checks have been completed, you will receive a "Ready For Pick Up" notification sent to the email you provided when you placed your initial order. Please check your SPAM folders.