Pro Am Sports Holograms and Authenticity

Pro Am Sports Holograms and Authenticity
Image of someone holding an iphone and scanning a QR code on a hologram attached to a signed Rexall Place seatback.

In 2021 we launched our new Pro Am Sports Holograms, an improved system for authenticating our signed memorabilia. All new signings receive a tamper-resistant hologram which includes the Pro Am Sports logo, serial number, and a QR code.

In the past, each signature would receive a new hologram and a Certificate of Authenticity; with the new QR code holograms, the QR code and serial number links to a database entry which identifies the item with a list of the signatures and their date of signing.

Two of the exciting things that this allows is increased security around the authenticity of your signature and the convenience of tracking authenticity for all the signings on your project pieces in one spot.

For the first, the QR code links to a database listing specifically created for your item – this listing will identify what the item is, in our example, a multi-signed Coliseum seatback, and list each signature done at Pro Am Sports. We’re excited about the advantages this will provide with authenticating signatures and preventing possible counterfeit memorabilia from entering the marketplace.

Since your project piece’s listing will be updated anytime it is signed at Pro Am Sports, it’s easy to keep records of authenticity for every signing on your project piece – no more need to collect and store your Certificates of Authenticity! The listing on your item will be updated by our team after it’s been signed.

To use the new hologram system, all you need is your phone (or another device that can read QR codes). Simply scan your hologram and it will take you to the Pro Am Sports authentication page, enter the serial number on your hologram and it will bring up your item.

Authentication made easy!

Image of hand holding an iphone and showing the content on screen. Screen shows a webpage with a listing for a product with information about authenticated signatures and their dates.


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